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Dan Katz

Dan Katz

BORN: San Francisco, California
RAISED: Belmont, California and Urbana, Illinois
Email: dkatz@14wfie.com

Upon Graduation from SIU-Carbondale, and a short stint at another Evansville station, Dan joined 14 WFIE in 1983. This year he's celebrating the 10th anniversary of  Newswatch Sunrise which was launched on January 31st 1994.  He co-anchors the show with Amy Herrell. 

Dan has won several Associated Press Awards including Spot News coverage in 1991, the Special Sports award in 1995 for "Touchdown 95" and continuing coverage for outstanding reporting from Atlanta during the 1996 Olympic Games. 

One of his favorite features on the Sunrise is the Katz Classic segment, when he airs old Newswatch stories from the mid 80's to mid 90's, back when he was out pounding the pavement. 

Dan lives in Newburgh, Indiana with his wife Beth, a former TV personality in the Tri-State. You may remember the name Beth-Ann Patmythes. They're the parents of  11 year old twin sons, Jonah, the baseball player and Noah, the dancer and pianist.

Look for Jonah on the ballfields in Newburgh this fall, and check out Noah in "Swan Lake" in November, and "The Nutcracker" in December, as he performs with the Children's Center for Dance Education.  Noah also worked last summer with the New Harmony Theatre in conjuction with the University of Southern Indiana.

Dan volunteers his time to help at Noah and Jonah's school, where they will be senior crossing guards this year.  He also works closely with the March of Dimes, American Cancer Society, and Newburgh Junior Baseball. 

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