Highland Elementary collecting ‘Coins for Konner’

6-year-old diagnosed with Leukemia in October

Highland Elementary collecting ‘Coins for Konner’

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - At Highland Elementary, a kindergarten boy’s fight for his life is a little easier. All this week, the school is collecting coins for Konner Gwaltney.

Konner was diagnosed with Leukemia in October. He thinks all the coins are, "Pretty cool.”

Highland Hallways are jingling with ‘Coins for Konner.’

“At the very beginning of the year we decided to collect some money our class," says Konner’s teacher, Maureen Waller. "Then it sort of blew up. We had stickers that were being sold and people were bringing lots of money in.”

Students are hauling in coins by the bag, all for 6-year-old Konner. He was diagnosed with Leukemia just two months into his kindergarten year.

A monkey keeps Konner’s seat warm. A backpack collects notes from friends that Mrs. Waller sends his way.

It is how the class connects with Konner.

Mrs. Waller says Konner is a great student, funny, and loves to laugh. Grandma Tami knows all too well the burdens they face.

“I just wish the hospitals around here would have some pediatric oncology to be able to get his chemo here instead of always traveling,” says Tami Gwaltney.

Having Leukemia means traveling to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis five to six days a week.

“It means the world to me. I just couldn’t do it without Highland,” says Tami.

A special reason for Konner and his classmates to reunite after months apart.

“Oh I’m so glad to see you Gwaltney. I really am,” says Mrs. Waller.

Highland’s choir dedicated a song to Konner called “Falling Home.” Gwaltney’s sister even sings a solo.

It is free to listen. Downloads cost a dollar or more.

The song has already given Konner’s family more than $1,000.

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