Owensboro woman appears on ‘Ellen’s Game of Games’

Game of Games Ellen

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - An Owensboro woman took part in a popular NBC game show on Tuesday.

Owensboro Health Nurse Jodi Scott appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Ellen’s Game of Games.”

Scott, 41, is a neonatal intensive care nurse. She says she has been a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres for years.

After deciding to go through the elaborate audition requirements, the show’s staff continued to call her back after each step. Fast forward a year later, and Scott was being flown to Hollywood to film last June.

“Once they called my name I knew I made the cut," Scott said. "They just told you on the way there, ‘just not everybody get your hopes up because not everybody gets to play’.”

Scott described the adrenaline rush waiting backstage.

“We were in line, they were mic’ing us up. You could hear Ellen in the background, the audience in the background, the music in the background. It was so exciting. I was just jumping up and down, like, I can’t believe this is happening. That was probably the most exciting time," Scott said.

You can watch “Ellen’s Game of Games” on WFIE at 7 p.m.

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