42,000 pounds of potatoes shipped to Evansville

42,000 pounds of potatoes shipped to Evansville

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - When big companies buy up all of the large potatoes from farmers, warehouses are left with thousands of pounds of smaller potatoes and many of those get donated. St. Andrew’s Society and the United Methodist Men’s Club always makes sure a truck full of potatoes makes it to Evansville.

“It feels good! Every guy that is working here today that is only running on a few hours of sleep will feel good about this experience,” says organizer Bruce Wright.

The United Methodist Men’s club paid for 42,000 pounds of potatoes to be shipped to Evansville all the way from Wisconsin. 29 different local charities were able to come by and pick up as many bags as needed.

United Methodist Men’s Club President Michael Dockery says that they look forward to this event every year.

“You know this is a big project, it is something we plan for all year long. We save up at our men’s club to be able to pay the driver and pay some of the costs to get him here, his overnights, his meals because we want to be able to get out and help,” said Dockery.

It costs the men’s club about $5,000 to get all of the potatoes to Evansville and the delivery comes at no charge for the organizations who come to pick up their share.

“Oh there is a lot of people saying ‘thank you', you know, how much it is going to help the groups that they donate to and the less fortunate people that really need a helping hand throughout this holiday season,” says Dockery.

So although today’s event was a little wet while the men loaded up dozens of trucks with potatoes, it certainly didn’t put a damper on their giving spirit.

“We’ve been saving for this and investing in this for the year. We just get together and have a good time! We’re all friends and it is a lot of fun," said Wright.

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