Cancer survivor comforts current patients

Cancer survivor comforts current patients

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Dogs can be such a comfort. That’s why some of them work as therapy animals.

One rescue border collie has a unique past that makes him the perfect therapy dog for local cancer patients.

Here at the Chancellor Center for Oncology, there are plenty of reasons people feel anxious.

And there's one guy who's going to do his best to take that away.

Cyndie Kieffer told us she and her dog Jack want to help as many people as they possibly can.

“I lost a loved one to cancer several years ago, so it’s always been one of my goals to give back... there was a therapy dog on the unit my family member was on and that made all of the difference,” Kieffer said.

Now her therapy dog Jack is providing his own dose of comfort.

“Communication is hard for some people, especially, you know expressing your feelings ... but animals I think really bridge that gap for a lot of people,” Brigette Hill, social worker for Deaconess Cancer Services said.

Jack the therapy dog is a recent cancer survivor himself. Thursday was his one year check-up and they declared him cancer free.

One day after getting his own clean bill of health, Jack is back at work for the first time, helping others fight cancer.

This is a first for the oncology center too.

“When we sit down or when Brigette sits down with a patient, they’re expected to have dialogue. But when you go see Jack you don’t have to have dialogue. It’s just smiles or it’s just you take the focus off why they came here,” Debi Wilson, Director of Deaconess Cancer Services said.

A friend, to see you through, on your own road to a clean bill of health.

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