Santa’s elves help with mail

Santa’s elves help with mail

SANTA CLAUS, IN (WFIE) - If you have ever written a letter to Santa Claus, there’s a good chance he received it at the post office in Santa Claus, Indiana.

With all of the mail he receives around the holidays, he needs some help reading and responding to all of the letters.

“I’ve seen them with ‘The Big Guy in the Red Suit’, Chris Kringle, one was to Finland and it came here,” said Pat Koch.

Koch is the founder of the Santa Claus Museum. Around this time of year, she is known as the Chief Elf. She has been helping Santa read and respond to letters for decades.

“You know it is a magical time, and this is a magical thing to do,” said Koch.

The post office in Santa Claus Indiana takes in more than 25,000 letters every holiday season, and they come from all over the world. Not one single letter goes unread.

“We make them very personal. We read every single letter because they are personalized with something the child has mentioned in the letter,” said Koch.

Koch says it’s not just children who write to old St. Nick. Some letters come from parents and grandparents, wishing their children well.

“You know I think belief and faith in something you can’t see, something that you are not sure about is really important for our well being," said Koch.

It is that special, heart-warming belief this time of year, that keeps Koch and the rest of Santa’s elves hard at work.

“The spirit of Santa Claus is so beautiful. The spirit of giving the spirit of bringing joy to people, that is what is important in our world. And so keeping that spirit alive is just wonderful. We love it. Just love it. We have such a good time," said Koch.

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