Owensboro Visitor’s Bureau working to make city a destination

Owensboro Visitor’s Bureau working to make city a destination

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Owensboro is becoming a tourist destination on a global scale.

Officials with the visitor’s bureau say they’ve seen a major boost this year.

“Owensboro is not on an interstate," Dave Kirk with Visit Owensboro said. "So we are truly an event driven city. Tourism depends on events. That’s how it works in Owensboro.”

And that’s why the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum has already exceeded expectations with concerts almost every weekend.

“People have bought tickets from over 25 states," Kirk said. "For a show here in Owensboro, Kentucky. That’s pretty impressive.”

And the visitor's bureau says OZ Tyler joining the bourbon trail has also put the town on the map.

“Part of being on the Kentucky bourbon trail, it’s a destination event," Jacob Call the master distiller and director of operations at OZ Tyler said. "We have people plan a year in advance to come on the bourbon trail. So we’ve had people from Japan, Germany, really all around the world to come see us.”

Certain billboards in Nashville, Louisville and on 65 have helped get the word out.

“We are seeing people that say ‘hey I saw your sign we thought we would make a little detour into Owensboro,’" Kirk said. "That’s exactly what they’re there for.”

And they seem to be working

“Our visitor count has increased," Call said. "We’re up 90% over the last year. A lot of tourists come to see us. A lot of out of town guests coming to spend some money here in Owensboro.”

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