Owensboro Health selected for new pilot program

Owensboro Health selected for new pilot program

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Owensboro Health has announced they are part of a KASPER pilot program that helps merge their data electronically to reduce time physicians spend to retrieve it.

“In the past, it took anywhere from five to ten minutes per patient to query that KASPER response and get that information back," Dr. David Danhauer the Owensboro Health chief medical information officer said. "Now it’s almost instantaneous.”

A KASPER report brings up a patients history of prescriptions of opioids and controlled substances. Now the easy access to it keeps medical professionals from over prescribing.

“Now having access to it much more simply, now we can truly effectively minimize those prescriptions that may not be needed for those patients," Dr. Danhauer said.

Dr. Danhauer says so far the program has been in place since the beginning of the month just in the Children’s Center, but has already seen a major improvement. Each physician cut down 30 minutes a day.

“30 minutes a day is huge for these providers," he said.

And Dr. Danhaeur says other doctors within Owensboro Health are anxiously awaiting for their department upgrade.

“Since that went live for that pediatric group, I can’t tell you the number of other providers in my organization that have asked, when do we get it? When do we get it?” he said.

Owensboro Health officials tell us the program should be activated across the entirety of Owensboro Health in the next two weeks.

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