Liquor store destroyed by fire after truck crashes into it

Union Co. Liquor Store Fire

UNION CO., KY (WFIE) - A liquor store caught fire in Union County after a truck ran through the back of it.

The crash happened around 8 o’clock Monday night at D&S Liquors in Waverly. 14 News had learned charges are pending against the driver Sheriff’s deputies say was Brian Hagedorn.

Deputies say Hagedorn was driving south on Main Street, and missed the curve before hitting the building.

Once the truck ran into the liquor store, the building caught on fire.

Deputies also say Hagedorn spoke to the owner briefly, who was inside the building, before leaving the scene.

“As soon as I got here, flames were up probably 10 or 15 foot higher than the building,” owner Steve Bishop recalled.

Several fire departments were called to help put out the flames, but say no one was hurt.

Both the truck and building were destroyed.

The Bishops have owned the business since 1991.

No word on if they plan to rebuild.

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