Henderson Salvation Army serves over 400 people on Thanksgiving

Henderson Salvation Army serves over 400 people on Thanksgiving

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) -The Salvation Army in Henderson brought Thanksgiving dinner straight to peoples homes and gave the full dining experience to others.

It truly takes a village to pull off an event like this. From people setting up tables, de-boning turkeys, to serving all the fixings. Over 50 people decided to give their time this holiday season to serve others.

Some came with friends, and others decided to give back as a family. One volunteer says shes been ringing the bell for the salvation army since she was three, and she and her grandparents have come to serve along side the best.

“The people to my right and to my left work very hard at what they do. The people in the kitchen, I can’t thank them enough, they are the ones who put the food out here for us to serve they’re doing a fantastic job”

One volunteer traveled home from college to help out.

“This is going on my seventh year of helping and I enjoy going back home and helping others in need It makes me feel good when I see their reaction, by someone who actually cares about them” said Aleka Hawes

Volunteers brought people their Thanksgiving meals right to their table. All they had to do was check off what they wanted and their menu.

“It’s like a restaurant. You go in and you get your list of what you want, he didn’t check any vegetables and I said are you sure, he said that would be enough.” said Wanda Carter

Whether its your first-time volunteering or you’ve done it for years. there is truly nothing like giving back.

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