New sketch in unsolved murder case

New sketch in unsolved murder case

DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - A man was shot and killed in May of 2016, his body dumped in the Ohio River. But over the years, investigators are still trying to find out who did it and who the victim even is.

“The condition of the body when we recovered, coming out of the river, that made it extremely difficult to do any type of facial recognition," Jeff Jones the Daviess County Coroner said.

“To have an individual that we’ve recovered go two years without someone filing a missing person’s report, that’s what the difference is here that we’ve not been able to identify him after all this time," Lt. Morgan Palmiter with the criminal investigations unit at the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office said.

But with the help of the national missing and identified persons system, a very realistic composite was made of the victim.

“It’s remarkable the amount of detail that is in this particular composite," Jones said. "When I first looked at it I thought it was an actual photograph of an individual.”

Investigators believe this victims death is related to a murder investigation in Indiana, where a woman's body was found near Troy in the Ohio River the same day.

“It’s not a coincidence and also the Indiana State Police, their victim was also ruled a homicide," Palmiter said.

The Daviess County Sheriff’s Office and Coroner’s Office hopes the composite leads them to their victim and the killer.

“We’re just waiting for that one phone call or that one email that again is going to point us in the right direction to where we can start putting the pieces of the puzzle together and ultimately be able to solve this investigation," Jones said.

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