Vanderburgh County courts celebrate adoptions on Thursday

Vanderburgh County courts celebrate adoptions on Thursday

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) -The Severino family welcomed little Alexander Jedidiah Severino officially into their family on Thursday at the Vanderburgh County Courts.

Corrinna Severino one of Alexander Jedidiah’s adoptive parents. She said, “It’s just been a huge eye opener on not ever knowing the amount of love that you can actually give a person until you become a parent.”

He’s been a part of their clan for nearly four years. Amy Jo Severino, is his other adoptive Parent. She added, “It’s beautiful. He came from a lot of neglect and we’ve had so many doctors appointments and wonderful people in our corner.”

On this special occasion, Alexander Jedidiah wore a shirt to court that read, “Worth the fight. One thousand three hundred sixty nine days.”

The days are for every day he’s lived with moms Amy Jo and Corrinna and his brothers and sisters.

Corrinna said, “He’s been a fighter since day one.”

Across the state of Indiana close to 200 other children are on a waiting list..

They are waiting for a family like the Severino’s to adopt them and bring them to a warm and loving home.

Rachel Schuble with the Indiana Department of Child Services said, “The Indiana adoption program has 175 kids that are in our books. We’re activly seeking for them to find families.”

Now with their family complete, the Severino’s hope their story will inspire other families to consider the adopting their own little Alexander Jedidiah.

Corrinna Severino “If anybody has the ability to foster, please do so because the system is in dire need of good homes.” '

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