911 Caller on finding homicide victim behind home

EPD investigating homicide on E. Missouri St.

911 Caller on finding homicide victim behind home

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville police are working an ongoing homicide investigation. Officers say a man’s body was found Tuesday morning on East Missouri Street.

We know that man is 21-year-old Amon Johnson. We talked with Neal Rexing who lives on East Missouri Street and called 911 when he found Johnson in the alley behind his house.

“I just can’t believe that ever happened around,” says Rexing.

Monday night around 6:30, Rexing was inside watching TV. That is when he says he heard gunfire in the alley behind his house.

“I looked outside it’s kind of, it’s completely dark, raining. I didn’t see nothing. I didn’t see no cars, no people, nothing, so I just went back in the house,” says Rexing.

First thing Tuesday morning, just 12 hours later, Rexing took his dog for a walk.

“As soon as I kind of turned the corner down here and seen what I thought was, somebody had thrown a bunch of clothes by the trash can,” says Rexing.

Then he got closer.

“I realized it’s a body, so of course I grabbed the dog up, run in the house, and called 911,” says Rexing.

911 Call: "There's a body laying back here by my trash cans." ... "In the back yard?" ... "Well it's in the alley."

Rexing describes the scene he walked up on.

911 Call: “Is he breathing?” ... “No.” ... “Okay he’s not breathing. We’ll send an ambulance that way.”

It was a scene he says no one should see.

“That’s where his body was, face up, and his feet were sticking out here in the alley. I guess no one drove through here in the evening,” says Rexing.

He is thankful he found Johnson before neighborhood kids did. He says investigators arrived and took Johnson.

“They took the body, but there was also a bunch of blood laying here, so I guess the people next door took some cardboard and layed it across it,” says Rexing

He says he is sure to lock all his doors at night.

“I won’t go through the alley at night time,” says Rexing.

Police are asking anyone who might have seen or heard anything unusual to call EPD at 812-436-7979 or WeTip at 1-800-78-CRIME.

A vigil was held Wednesday night at Bellemeade Park.

Vigil held for homicide victim

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