Exclusive: Victim in Bebout’s 1998 kidnapping, rape case shares story

Says heart breaks for teenage girl Bebout tried to kidnap Friday

Exclusive: Victim in Bebout’s 1998 kidnapping, rape case shares story

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - “At some point just not sure if there was even, even going to be a chance for survival,” said Tara Saxon.

Saxon is the victim in the 1998 rape case involving Roy Bebout. Right now, Bebout is in jail, charged with attempted rape.

Police say he tried to kidnap a teen while she was walking to work. Twenty years ago, Bebout was found guilty of raping a University of Southern Indiana student.

Court documents reveal she was abducted on campus. We talked exclusively with Saxon about the case and her feeling on Bebout being back in jail.

Saxon says she lives a blessed life, but she still recalls the fear, shock, and horror of that night. The night she says Bebout kidnapped and raped her.

Court documents outline the alarming story, but the raw emotion comes from the victim herself.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” says Saxon.

It was Friday, March 20, 1998 at 9 p.m. A 19-year-old Tara Saxon parked her car in a USI campus parking lot. When she opened her door, investigators say 25-year-old Roy Bebout pointed a gun at her chest, put a towel into her mouth, and wrapped her wrists with electrical tape.

Investigators say Bebout drove them to a rural area near Broadway Avenue and forced Saxon at gunpoint to perform a sex act. Authorities say Bebout then wrapped electrical tape over her eyes five times.

He drove them to his aunt’s Posey County farm where he forced her to perform a sex act in a horse trailer. Bebout ordered Saxon to drive back to campus where he got out of the car and left.

Saxon says a rape education class helped her stay calm.

“I knew what frame of mind I needed to be in if there was going to be any chance of survival,” says Saxon.

A jury found Bebout guilty of kidnapping, criminal deviate conduct, and rape. News reports tell of how Saxon took the stand, cried, and identified Bebout.

Bebout said their relations were consensual. His appeal was denied.

“Seeing him get locked up 20 years ago was just like okay good this is not going to happen to anyone else,” says Saxon.

Saxon says her fear returned when he got out on parole in 2016. Two years later, police say he tried to kidnap again.

“When I heard it happened again my heart just broke for that girl and I was just devastated. That’s the absolute one thing I did not want to happen again. I did not want him to hurt anyone else,” says Saxon.

Bebout registered as a violent sex offender in September of 2016 when he was released from jail 4 years early.

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