McCutchanville students feel what an earthquake is like

McCutchanville students feel what an earthquake is like

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - What may seem like a thrill ride for students is actually a teaching tool.

McCutchanville Elementary students experienced what it feels like in an earthquake.

It's part of the annual "Great American Shakeout."

Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Geological Survey puts on the event.

“It’s important to experience what an earthquake feels like because we don’t have them very often, and people can become complacent. Indiana and the central U.S. is number three for earthquake risk in the United States. So it’s important to know the risk and how to prepare for it,” said Outreach Coordinator Polly Sturgeon.

Officials warn people to drop, cover, and hold in during an earthquake. Then go outside once it’s over. They also recommend you inspect your home for signs of structural damage.

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