Woman arrested after stolen car from Evansville gym ends in police chase

Woman arrested after stolen car from Evansville gym ends in police chase

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An Evansville woman is in jail accused of stealing a woman’s SUV while she worked out.

Police say the 19-year-old and a juvenile were let inside the east side Bob’s gym to use the restroom early Monday morning. That gave them access to a part of the building where a members' keys were not locked up.

Around 5 o’clock Monday morning, the victim says she went to Bob Gym east to work out. Her car keys were left in her gym bag, sitting outside of lockers near the restroom.

“You never want to have a false sense of security that everybody that comes in that lockerroom is a trustworthy person because as we’ve seen in multiple cases that’s not always true," EPD’s Sgt. Jason Cullum explained.

Officers say Takaivaira Bovan and an underaged girl, who are not gym members, were allowed to use the restroom by an employee. That’s when the two found the car keys and took the SUV.

“Sometimes people take advantage of opportunities that present themselves," Sgt. Cullum added.

The police report also says $80 was withdrawn three times for a total of 240 bucks from a debit card that was in the car. Police say the two then drove to Kentucky, attempted to use the victim’s cards again, then made their way to Slaughters before coming back towards Evansville.

The victim was tracking her car on her phone through On-Star, a GPs like feature.

“To actually find it with the people still in it and end up making an arrest after a pursuit is actually pretty rare,” Sgt. Cullum said.

EPD was coordinating with Kentucky State Police who spotted the vehicle south of Henderson, KY.

Police say Bovan refused to stop and the chase ended in Evansville on I-69 near the Griver River Road exit.

According to the police report, Bovan later admitted to taking the car keys, withdrawing the money, and driving the car during the chase.

The victim says she was able to get most of the cash back.

14 News reached out to Bob’s Gym on the east side. They declined to comment.

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