911: Bus driver calls to report attempted kidnapping of teen

Police say suspect hit, handcuffed female juvenile

911: Bus driver calls to report attempted kidnapping of teen

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - New information on an attempted kidnapping we told you about this weekend. Roy Bebout, 46, is in the Vanderburgh County Jail, charged with kidnapping, criminal confinement, and battery.

Police say he tried to abduct the teen in broad daylight Friday, but she got away. A teenager was walking to work shortly before 4 Friday afternoon when she says a stranger in a red Dodge truck approached her.

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She said she did not know the man. She told police he had a gun and grabbed her in the vacant IGA parking lot on North Main Street. The teen told police she struggled with the man inside the truck and that he hit her multiple times as he put handcuffs on her.

She was able to escape, running to a bus and screaming “he’s trying to kill me.” That bus driver called police and drove the girl from the scene to a safer location to wait for officers to arrive, telling dispatch the girl couldn’t see but was on the phone with her parents.

In this 911 call, he recounts the chilling moments.

911 call from attempted abduction

Caller: “She is handcuffed, and she said that he’s trying to kill me, and the she tried to pepper spray him but then he took it from her and wiped it in her eyes. She is handcuffed and on my bus currently.”

Dispatch: “Do you see any male around you?”

Caller: “I saw a guy back up. He peeled out. As she ran to me he peeled out.”

Bebout was convicted of kidnapping and rape 20 years ago. He was released on parole about two years ago and registered as a violent sex offender.

Police tell me they have not had issues with Bebout since his release.

“This is one of those cases where somebody was sent to prison on a conviction, but unfortunately in our criminal justice system people do get out on parole. They don’t serve the entire sentence. Unfortunately some of those people will get out and they will reoffend. Fortunately in this case, this young lady made some split second decisions that potentially saved her life,” says Sgt. Jason Cullum with the Evansville Police Department.

He is in jail without bond and he has not made his first court appearance yet.

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