95-year-old Korean and WWII Veteran Honored in Lynnville

Russell Bryant places brick with his name in Memorial Wall

95-year-old Korean and WWII Veteran Honored in Lynnville

LYNNVILLE, IN (WFIE) - 95-year-old Russell Bryant placed a honorary brick with his name in the Memorial Wall in Lynnville, IN on Sunday.

“I feel honored to be here amongst all these other bricks and men and women who represent them,” Bryant said.

The wall was dedicated back in 2011 but Bryant missed the memo.

Years later he decided he wanted his name to be added to the memorial on Main Street. Unable to drive, he rode his lawnmower to a neighbor’s house and shared his goal.

On Sunday, that wish came true.

“I just want to thank everybody. It’s an honor to join the rest of these wonderful wonderful people and I just thank you for taking the time to show me the honor that they had. God bless them all,” Bryant said.

Bryant’s brick makes 319 veterans represented on Lynnville’s memorial wall.

“They’ve just about run out of places to put a brick!,” Bryant said.

He said he is honored and grateful for the opportunity to have his brick be a permanent part of the memorial.

“Thank you for all participating in my honor and in their honor. God bless you. God bless you all,” Bryant said.

Engraved bricks for the Lynnville Memorial Wall can be purchased for active or retired military individuals. Contact Dianna Harris at 812-403-0158 for more details.

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