Thoroughbreds returning to Owensboro for second season

Thoroughbreds returning to Owensboro for second season

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - “It’s Owenbsoro’s team, not Kentucky’s team," Jared Bratcher Owensboro CVB Sports Marketing Director said.

That seemed to be the theme at Monday’s Owensboro thoroughbreds press conference. If the name change didn’t show it enough, the team officials made sure you believed them.

“It’s about the community, this team is about the community and no individual including myself is bigger than this community," the new President Veter Dixon said.

Bratcher says getting a professional sports team to stay in town is a big win for Owensboro.

“It’s very big to finally get the team to come back for a second year and hopefully a third and fourth and just keep building the foundation for a long standing relationship with Owensboro," Bratcher said.

And for the economy

“It’s important for the economy for this team to be here and we’re really thankful that they are back for another year," Bratcher said.

And the new team president agreed.

“We’re going to be here next year, the year after that, the year after that and the year after that," Dixon said.

The team announced a new head coach, president, and marketing director. They also shared ideas on how this year's team will be more engaged in the community, including encouraging players to volunteer locally each week.

“We want to build a championship team on the court but we also want to build a championship team in the community," Dixon said.

Games for the thoroughbreds start in January and all seats will start at just $8.

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