New details released in Madisonville murder case

New details released in Madisonville murder case

MADISONVILLE, KY (WFIE) - 14 News has learned new information on a Madisonville murder investigation.

77-year old Moyar Pleasant was found shot to death in his home in 2016.

Now, two years later, 55-year old Kimberly Cunningham is in the Hopkins County Jail facing charges in his death. We were first to report last month when she was indicted by a grand jury.

Nearly two years have gone by since Pleasant was shot in the head and killed inside the apartment he rented along Earl Cross Drive.

“It’s been super stressful for us because we want closure for the family," Major Jason Lutz with Madisonville Police recalled.

Now, the family has some closure. October 15th marks twelve months to the day since 14 News interviewed Pleasant’s brother regarding the open investigation.

“He is relieved that this has finally came to this point ‚” Lutz explained.

And it’s been a long road for investigators as well, who say their biggest challenge was lack of witnesses.

Major Lutz was the second officer to take the case, seven months after it happened, who says he has circled back to the now retired prior investigator more than once.

Madisonville police explained it was this summer when someone finally came forward, who reported a conversation they’d had with Cunningham.

“That information was that Kimberly Cunningham had stated she was responsible for death of Moyar Pleasant,” Lutz added.

That information lead to more witnesses, who also pointed to Cunningham. Finally, police had enough of a case to present to a grand jury in September, and got a murder indictment.

Investigators believe addiction lead to the murder and that Cunningham traded affection for money or drugs, an issue which officers say is not unique to this case or city.

“A lot of times they’re lonely, they would like to have affection, other people around to keep them company,” Lutz said.

Investigators are continuing to follow up with possible witnesses as they prepare for trial.

As of now, it’s not suspected that anyone else was involved in Pleasant’s death.

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