Stand down for homeless veterans event

Stand down for homeless veterans event

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Nearly 100 veterans made their way to the Evansville Veterans of Foreign Wars post on Wabash Avenue of Flags on Friday.

The VFW hosted the Veteran Affairs' annual event, ‘Stand Down for Homeless Veterans’.

The VA came up with the name for this event from the concept used in the military. The term stand down is used to remove combat units from the field to a relatively safer place to rest and recover.

The best way to rest and recover for some is finding new ways to better their lives.

At this event, veterans were able to get free advice from community partners about legal matters, behavioral medications, finding a place to live, and ways of getting income.

Many community partners, had connections to the cause. Whether they themselves were veterans or they had loved ones who were in the armed forces. Giving back today is their way of giving back for all the resources and protection their families received in the past.

Veterans not only left with smiles on their faces, but they were able to take home with them duffel bags filled with hats, tooth paste, lotion, soap, clothing.

The longest line was for the free hair cuts. The event organizer said, he too will be getting a haircut today!

For many veterans. this wasn’t their first time making their way around the tables.

One vet says this event has been helping him for over 8 years.

“With no transportation, which most people that are homeless or veterans don’t have. When they all come to one central location, then I can get things taken care of, and so can others.” said U.S. Army veteran Harold Dugan.

Dugan thanks the community and city officials for all they have done to help him.

“I’m happy that charity abounds here in Evansville”

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