Hoskins found not guilty on all counts

Jury deliberates over four hours in murder trial

Hoskins found not guilty

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - A jury reached a verdict of not guilty on all counts in a Gibson County murder trial.

That jury deliberated for more than four hours in the case of 21-year-old Anthony Hoskins.

The jury cleared Hoskins of murder, voluntary manslaughter, and reckless homicide.

Hoskins was accused of shooting Diplomat Motel Manager, Steven Hess in February in Oakland City.

Hoskins' attorney said it was self-defense.

Hoskins' girlfriend, Emily Eversole, said Hoskins had told her he felt remorse for the shooting.

“I feel bad for them," Eversole said about Hess' family members after leaving the courtoom. "I do. They lost someone they loved, and that’s not lost on anybody. It hurts me. And, honestly, talking to Christian (Hoskins), it hurt him, too. He didn’t want it to happen, and he didn’t want that man to die. So, I do feel bad for them, I really do.”

“I respect the jury. I respect their decision. You give them the evidence, that’s the decision they made," said Gibson County Prosecutor Michael Cochren. "Some cases are tougher than others. That’s why we have a jury system. So, our job is to seek justice. When a jury makes a decision, we live with that.”

Hess' coworkers at the Diplomat Hotel told our reporter they are infuriated with the prosecution, adding they’re going to increase security at the Oakland City motel.

Hoskins found not guilty on all counts

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