Bishop Medley reacts to Attorney General investigation of KY Dioceses

Bishop Medley reacts to Attorney General investigation of KY Dioceses

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Owensboro Bishop William Medley spoke with 14 News to give his reaction of the investigation, sought by Attorney General Andy Beshear, of Kentucky Catholic Dioceses.

He says the Owensboro Diocese will fully cooperate in any investigation from Beshear’s office.

Bishop Medley says he doesn’t expect the government to find anything different than the church has in its reports. He says the Diocese is going back and reviewing decades of documents to check that they haven’t missed anything.

By the end of September, the Diocese wants to have a full list of every priest with allegations against him, as well as a list of victims who have come forward.

Medley says if they get a report, they make a report.

“If we become aware that a child or a youth in the present is being compromised in some way, it’s a law that you report that," said Bishop Medley. "It’s our policy even to report something that we come to know even in the 1940′s and 1960′s. Now, there’s not much law enforcement can do about that, but that’s part of our covenant as a church, to be more transparent and to just not make it a matter of subjectivity.”

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Bishop Medley says healing for victims is most important.

He says the church is offering counseling services to victims, giving them the choice to work with groups unaffiliated with the church.

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